Friday, August 1, 2008


这是我们辛辛苦苦,坚决不放弃的宝贝!她终于在七月二十一日诞生了!!在这里要谢谢几个功臣:1)陈秋梅医师(同济医院),是您把我和老婆的身子调好。。。您可是我们的大功臣。2)Dr S F Loh (K K Hospital) Did 2 IVF and 1 laporoscopy surgery with you...though the 2 IVF failed but we strongly believe the surgery do help with our natural conceive..You did a wonderful job! 3) Dr Chan K H (CHAN K H CLINIC FOR WOMEN @ GLENEAGLES MEDICAL CENTRE) You delivered our precious princess....a wonderful experience with you, my wife went through a painless delivery....wonderful!!!