Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FREDDY 逝世十二天

十月十日二零零七 阳光普照

不知不觉送走FREDDY已经十二天了, 心情总算平复下来了。。。FREDDY去世的当天,煌的妈妈说今年四月我的生日庆祝会上,FREDDY 跟她聊天,他还开玩笑说要是他死了,他会保佑煌妈妈中头二三奖。。。当时的FREDDY, 是不是已经知道自己生病了呢???

说也觉得很玄,煌妈妈真的在星期六(FREDDY去世的第二天)中了二奖。。。第二个星期六又中了三奖。。不知是巧合还是????? 煌跟我都宁可相信是FREDDY在保佑我们。。。。FREDDY, 谢谢你!!!

朋友, 快快去投胎!! 投户好人家吧!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Is that Freddy Ong Kah Leng? It's a shock to me to see this on your website. He was my camp mate and a friend who was always so happy and jovial. Sad to see this happened, we use to live around the same neighbourhood in AMK too. We lost contact after a while but would bump onto one another once in a while. It's been years since I last met him and after reading this article I felt very sad. Life is so fragile.

If you could, can you email me and tell me more about what happened to him? To freddy, hope you had a good journey to heaven and may you rest in peace.