Wednesday, January 16, 2008


不知道是命运弄人吗???身边的朋友相继地离开了。。。先是FREDDY,后是MC。。。人的生命真的那么脆弱吗???那天在Hougang Mall的发廊看见MC拍的日历。。发现他笑得很灿烂,我想他当时是开心的。。。朋友,希望你一路好走。。。

如果你想要他的日历或新年专辑,可以到Hougang Mall 消费八十元就可以换取。。


coolingstar9 said...

Mark lee,
Life is really short, we do not know tomorrow but we can work hard today, thats all we can do.

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice the calender shoot he took was for the 7th month? opps
condolences btw :(

Anonymous said...

conget to both of you,know from of your good news.we look forward the new born bb.

from your fan
shu fen

Liang Mui said...

may he RIP~~

i stil can remember how i reacted when i read the news!! it was unbelieveable... i like to see him in TV.. bubbling smile on his chubby face..

** sob sob **