Saturday, November 3, 2007






最近煌连续输了几集,那也是为了节目效果而放水吗??? 这样的说法是公平的吗?????


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
Don't be so down! I really appreciate your works. Both Bryan and you did put in your best effort. Guess it really depends very much on the judges. You are very creative, jia you ;)

I will always pin for your victory in bai jia le!

Anonymous said...

jiaYou!!! I believe in U!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, its' through Bai Jia Le that i realized that i begin to like your style of hosting a show. I actually enjoyed the moments when you win, as its' kinda boring to see bryan win all the time. Being a host and comedian, its' not about being funny all the time. I think its' great that your spirit in enjoying the process, being serious and trying your best all the time. I am pretty touched by this, so don't be upset. You have got our support.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Actually i really prefer bryan's works. But you're not tht bad actually, his diy things and colour combi, all blend together, and yours its slighty unconstant, life is like this lah, take and go, win or loose. dont loose hope!

Anonymous said...

JIA YOU, Mark.
Why care what the magazine know we know can liao. We can see your effort so Gambatte, continue to give us your BEST idea and work!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

it doesnt matter if one should lose or win, I reckon what matters most is that one is actually making a progress against themselves and be a better person, artistically, mentally, and so forth.

For the winner can learn to be doing a better, improved piece of work in the future, the loser on the other hand can learn from the episode and to have better pieces through learning from the winner and the environment around him.

There is no real loser unless one admits/submits themselves to their own (temporary) defeat.

Come on, it is just a competition, and life is short and is a much larger piece of work than that.

So do cheer up folks, embrace on the new day, hour, minute,..

p.s. I wish you and your wife and those around, happiness and fine health.

~ applei

Anonymous said...

hey! dont lose hope ok! there were times i think your work is on par with bryan's as well. i believe u both put in alot of efforts. those times when you win, i think you deserve it! (: so just ignore those magz.

jia you ok! =D

Anonymous said...



Baby,i need you said...

Jia you Lee Guo Huang :)
Bryan 的creative 受大家的欢迎,可是不代表你就是不好的咯
你输的话,我会很失望。。你赢的话,我会很高兴,都会兴奋到。。。。hehe !!

haha ;)